Downloadable Papers

I post all my papers – both new working papers and published papers – on my page on SSRN   The papers are listed there by number of downloads – most downloaded at the top.  So to find the newest ones  – and also the unloved ones 🙂 – scroll to the bottom of the page.

Most of my papers – except maybe the very newest ones – can also be found on my page on GOOGLE SCHOLAR

I have been working very hard to make all my published papers Open Access.  Where I have succeeded,  you will be able to download the as-published version for free.  Where  I have not (yet) succeeded, only the working paper version will be available for free downloading.

Ways to Search

If you don’t know the specific paper you are looking for, my CV  contains a listing of paper titles and authors by year. 

Download Current CV (updated January, 2022)

In each of the areas where my colleagues and I have worked, there is obviously a great deal of wonderful work by others as well. Please use the references in the more recent papers as one resource to guide you to the related work of others.