Free Teaching / Learning Materials

Mini-videos on User Innovation: Key Concepts in Brief (new in 2022)

Each of these mini-videos discusses and illustrates a single important concept in user innovation in only 2-6 minutes. They are under a creative commons license that enables anyone to use them for free. Please feel free to incorporate them into your own lectures or commercial training materials - I will delighted if you find them valuable enough to use!

Four Basic Lectures

These videos record four of my Masters-level Sloan class lectures (each about 60 minutes long).  Each presents an aspect of free and user innovation, with practical implications for managers.  They are posted on YouTube by MIT OpenCourseWare.  You are free to use and download them as you like  under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. I hope you find them useful.

Edx Course on User Innovation – a path to Entrepreneurship (2015)

This 5-session Edx course is quick and entertaining (I think / hope).  It explains how one can search one’s own experience for personal “user needs,” and also explains how to think about whether any of these personal needs might be the basis for a non-profit or profit-seeking venture.  To see the course videos only, click here.  To access the entire Edx course, click here.

Lead User Project Teaching Materials

Lead User Project Handbook  This practical how-to-do-it handbook was developed to teach company teams how to do lead user projects during our research at 3M and elsewhere.  Many find it  a useful resource for lead user teams today as is – or you can modify it and update it as you like.  (For example, it could use updating to emphasize Internet search – it was written in the mid 1990’s)

Lead User Project Video The video below (created in the mid 1990’s) can be used in conjunction with the Lead User Project Handbook. It offers an 11 minute overview of the lead user project process as used at 3M  (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license).

  1. Overview of the lead user process ( 525MB)